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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the VoicesProject?
    The VoicesProject is a collaboration between teachers, students and institutions aiming to create a more inclusive, critical and anti-racist curriculum. The project uses oral histories to talk about geographical themes and historical moments, whilst centring the voices of cultural groups who don't usually get to be heard in the classroom. The VoicesProject resources consist of: oral histories, transcripts, context sheets and lesson plans.
  • How can I contribute to the VoicesProject?
    You can contribute to the VoicesProject by: 1) Using our resources and providing us with feedback through via our student and teacher surveys. 2) Contacting us to become part of our lesson planning team and offering your services or pre-existing lesson plans. 3) Sharing the resource with people you know and getting your department, school and/or academy chain to use it. 4) Setting up your own In-school VoicesProject with your student council and SLT following these steps.
  • Will I get updated when new content is added to the site?
    Yes, if you've made an account with us, you'll automatically get notifications sent to you whenever we upload new resources to the site.
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