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About Us

The #VoicesProject is an anti-racist, critical and inclusive teaching resource as well as a listening programme in schools. 


It is a collaboration between students, teachers, community members and institutions, culminating in lesson plans and activities on the topics of identity; place; migration and empire.

The VoicesProject centres voices that aren't usually heard in the classroom using oral geographies as a way to learn with and across different communities.

The core team of the Voicesproject began working together as part of Decolonising Geography and have backgrounds in Geography, History and Sociology and other social sciences.


To find out about those involved in the VoicesProject Meet the team below.

Why is the VoicesProject important?

The VoicesProject is an important resource in today’s classrooms as it supports the creation of more inclusive* learning.

The VoicesProject uses approaches that aim to:


  • Give teachers agency and support to discuss culturally sensitive topics 

  • Undo the language of othering for students in the classroom 

  • Represent localities and local identities

  • Centre plurality

  • Understand and challenge structural inequalities

*Click the words highlighted in blue to be redirected to the glossary.


How can the VoicesProject be used by communities and schools?

The #VoicesProject resources can be used in classrooms, student independent study and extra-curricular sessions to support the study of space; place; identity; migration and empire, topics typically taught in Geography, History and Sociology.


Our resources use a decolonial approach to explore these concepts, through collaboratively formed lesson plans built around real-life oral geographies


The VoicesProject aims to centre marginalised voices from wider society, however, our In-School VoicesProject can be used to encourage links between schools, local communities and identities whose voices have been structurally sidelined.


Overall the project opens up critical conversations about societal structures, power and representation that can be explored by learners from KS2 to KS5.

Meet The Team

VoicesProject Intro twitter_edited.jpg


Trust Wide Lead – Geography at David Ross Education Trust.

VoicesProject Intro twitter_edited_edite


Undergraduate geographer and co-organiser of youth education campaign Reroot.ED.



Freelance author, science communicator, geography and EDI educator. Ex high-school teacher.

VoicesProject Intro twitter_edited_edited.jpg

Rachael Robinson

Teacher and Head of Geography at Chestnut Grove Academy.

Dave image.png



Teacher, trade unionist - clearly doesn't do pictures. 

Meet the team

Significant Contributors 

Dr Christine Winter - School of Education, University of Sheffield 
Dr Majed Akhter - Department of Geography, King's College London
Dr Caroline Bressey - Department of Geography, University College London


Project Partners

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